UTKELA Airport Opening Date, Flight Schedule, Photos, Budget, Jobs

UTKELA Airport Opening Date is coming soon and it is important because it is a private airport. This is owned by the government of Odisha and developed as a regional airport under the government’s Udan scheme. In this post we are going to tell you about what is the opening date of UTKELA Airport, what is the flight schedule of the airport, what are the various photos of the airport, The budget and the job of the airport. To know all about UTKELA Airport Opening Date stay with us in this Airport Opening Date post at last. 

UTKELA Airport Opening Date

This is a private airport that is owned by the government of Odisha. The announcement of the airport opening is already done and the airport will be opening soon. This is the airport that is owned by the government of Odisha which is designed to develop as a regional airport under the government’s Udan scheme. This airport is situated around 15 km north of Bhawanipatna. The exact address of the airport is Kalahandi district in Odisha, India.

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If you are talking about the flight then it will be scheduled soon as it recently got a licence to begin the flight. According to the announcement on the seven August 2023 the UTKELA Airport received a licence. The licence is received from the Director general of civil aviation to start the flight process. 

UTKELA Airport Opening Date Overview 


Title  UTKELA Airport Opening Date
Year  2023 
Category  Date 
Licensed On  7th August 2023 
State  Odisha 
Licensed From  Director General of Civil Aviation 


Utkela Airport News

As per news the Commercial flight will be run between Bhubaneswar and Raipur very soon in the upcoming months. The flight schedule of Kerala airport is not scheduled as it recently got licence to begin the flight. So it will begin soon and we will be able to see the inauguration. The inauguration of the airport will be done on 31 August 2023 and after that the first flight to Bhubaneswar will fly on that day. So you can be able to see the flight between Bhubaneswar and somewhere else. 


UTKELA Airport Opening Date
UTKELA Airport Opening Date


UTKELA Airport Bhubaneswar Opening Date 

UTKELA  Airport Opening Date is 31 August 2023. As per officials, announcement of the inauguration of the airport will be held on 31 August 2023. The first flight to Bhubaneshwar will fly on this day. The licence was given by the director general of civil aviation on 7 August 2023. And now as per the news, preparations for the inauguration are going on at the airport. The chief minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik announced this from his Twitter handle about the development of the airport. 

Utkela Airport Flight Schedule

After the inauguration and UTKELA Airport Opening Date The first flight takeoff, we will be able to see the airport. The flight service to Bhubaneswar will start on 31 August 2023 and the first flight will be around 10:35 AM. As per officials the announcement is already done and on 31st August the event will be organised. The schedule for this event is given by the government and the event will start at 9:20 AM. The event organised by the Odisha government will be completed after the cost flight takeoffs. 

Utkela Airport Photos

Many of the workers and construction workers shared photos of UTKELA  Airport. After the consignment of flight there will be an increase in the tourism of Odisha and economic activities will happen. There will also be many transportation facilities available and many of the facilities will be provided by the government to the people. The license was given to fly nine seater commercial planes and for this runway was developed. 

Utkela Airport Budget

UTKELA Airport Budget is estimated around 162 crore for the acquisition of the airport. For The airport of Odisha, State government spent this amount of money to the construction of runway and terminal buildings for the airport to fly the aeroplane smoothly. This will be the fifth airport in the state after BPIA. After that announcement of the airport the construction finished very well. And after the finishing of the airport there will be also transportation and tourism through this activity. 

Utkela Airport Jobs

After the inauguration of UTKELA Airport, there will be various job opportunities for the candidates of the district and the state. To maintain the airport properly and to maintain the décor Ram of the airport. The candidate will be hired from the state and many of them have already been selected. Now there are some more job opportunities and as per airport officials this will be released soon. The private company authority will announce the job opportunity in the airport. So this is all about the UTKELA Airport Opening Date. 

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FAQs related to UTKELA Airport Opening Date

When is the UTKELA Airport Opening Date?

The opening date of the airport is 31 August 2023. 

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