Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme, Eligibility, Benefits, Application Form

The Telangana state government has launched a public welfare scheme for the welfare of SC, ST, backward classes, etc., which has brought smiles to the faces of these communities. Yes, we are talking about the Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme, under which the government targets providing compensation of up to 300,000 to SC, ST, and OBC women for building houses. So we are giving detailed information about this Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme to all the residents of Telangana State. 

Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme

You should carefully read all the eligibility conditions given before filling out your application form, and only then proceed with registration. Below, we have discussed the benefits of the Telangana Ghar Lakshmi Yojana, for which you should go to the last paragraph of this article and follow the official website Telangana Sarkar. You must know that various social welfare schemes are launched by the Telangana government from time to time. Just now, the government has launched the Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme, under which you get your permanent home. For this scheme, the government has proposed a budget of Rs 12000 crore, which means that by this budget, about four million people will benefit. 

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The main objective of the Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme is to provide houses to those who do not have their own house, so such people should submit their applications at the nearest facility center to apply online. Also, you can check the benefits of the Telangana Ghar Lakshmi Yojana 2023 before this. You will find the information on the official website of Telangana Sarkar. 

Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme 2023 PDF Overview 


Article Title  Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme
Category  Sarkari Yojana
Authority  Telangana Government 
Start date

Launch Date 

10 August 2023

09 June 2023

Budget  12000 Crore Rs. 
Registration date  Now Open
Telangana Gruha Laxmi Yojana Portal


Required Documents for Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme

If you are also one of those people who want to get the benefit of the Lakshmi Scheme of Telangana, first you should check whether you have the required documents for the Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme. If not, you should immediately set about gathering all these documents. And if you already have all these documents, then you must check them once through the list below. Lest you miss a document and have a problem applying.

  • land title deed, i.e., you must have a land title deed to show that the land belongs to you.
  • Aadhar Card This is a very important document that identifies you and prevents fraud.
  • Bank Passbook, You will also need a bank passbook to receive the plan amount.
  • Residential Certificate, i.e., this is the essential document for checking which territory of Telangana you are a resident of.
  • Caste Certificate, so that you can get your caste information.
  • married or widowed certificate.


Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme
Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme


Benefits of the Gruha Laxmi Scheme in Telangana

It may be mentioned that the Telangana Ghar Lakshmi Yojana is being given by the government to women who are women, especially from Dalit families, and whose annual income is less than 100,000. Under the Benefits of Gruha Laxmi Scheme in Telangana, the government will provide a lump sum of Rs 300,000 to such women. 

The Telangana government has passed a budget of Rs 12,000 crore for the construction of four lakh buildings under the Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme. Under this programme, only female consumers will receive money in three installments, i.e. Rs. 100,000 in each installment.

Gruha Lakshmi Yojana Telangana 2023 Selection Process

One thing quite a lot of applicants might not have understood is how their selection process under Lakshmi Yojana Telangana will be, so for this, we clarify it here under Gruha Lakshmi Yojana Telangana 2023 Selection Process that the beneficiary must submit all the necessary documents to a Submit your application to the tehsildar on white paper. Please note that you must submit it before August 10. 

As soon as you submit your application to the Tehsildar, it will be verified by the Tehsildar. Verification will be yours before August 20, 2023. And as soon as successful verification is done under the Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme, the funds will start being transferred to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries on August 25th.

Eligibility for the Gruha Lakshmi Scheme

To get the benefit of Lakshmi Yojana, you have to meet the norms laid down by the Telangana Government, i.e., the officials who give the benefit of the scheme will first check your eligibility for all these schemes. Eligibility for the Gruha Lakshmi Scheme, fixed by the government, is given below.

First of all, the applicant should be a woman. The age limit of the second applicant should be above 18 years, and the caste of the third applicant should be from the SC, ST, or BC community. The applicant must have a record of permanent residence in Telangana, i.e.He must own a piece of land to build a house. 

According to the Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme, applicants should have an Aadhaar card, a caste certificate, and a bank account. Candidates must not belong to any community other than the SC-ST or BC community, and the applicant must never have been the recipient of this assistance before.

Steps To Apply for the Telangana Gruha Laxmi Form 2023

  1. If you want to apply for your form under the Telangana Ghar Laxmi Yojana, then you have to follow some important and necessary guidelines. Steps To Apply for the Telangana Gruha Laxmi Form 2023 
  2. First, you have to get the application for the scheme from your nearest facility center. 
  3. Then you have to provide details like your name, father’s name, mother’s name, category, address, and income in this application form. 
  4. Finally, you have to attach your photograph and all other required documents to the application form under the Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme. 
  5. and must wait until the application is approved.

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FAQs Related to the Telangana Cave Lakshmi Scheme

When has the Telangana Ghar Lakshmi Yojana 2023 been launched?

Telangana Ghar Lakshmi Yojana was launched in August.

Which sectors will benefit from the Telangana Lakshmi Yojana?

The benefits of the Telangana election scheme will be available to SC, ST, and backward class people.

What is the total amount of benefit that the eligible beneficiary will receive under the Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme 2023?

A total of Rs 3 lakh will be given to the eligible beneficiaries under the Telangana Ghar Laxmi Scheme.

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