Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Biography, Age, Height, Family, Photos, D.O.B

Today, you are going to get important information like Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva biography, age, height, family photo, and date of birth, for which you should study Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva’s biography from beginning to end. A large number of details regarding Sonal Kukreja have been included in this article, which you can study to get the most information regarding Sonal Kukreja’s Miss Diva Biography. So let us tell you in detail about Miss Diva Sonal Kukreja today without delay.

Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Biography

Sonal Kukreja is a name that has recently It was revealed during Live Miss Diva Supranational that it is being informed that Sonal will be representing India in the upcoming Miss Super National 2024. According to Sonal Kukreja’s Miss Diva Biography, Sonal participated in Miss Diva 2023 along with 15 other contestants. Let me make it clear to you once again that Sonal loves to travel, discover new places, and meet new people. Today we are getting all this information under Sonal Kukreja’s Miss Diva Biography.

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Sonal Kukreja has grown up in an environment where she had the freedom to do whatever she wanted to do, and no one restrained her against her will from childhood until she grew up. He had the open freedom to do everything in his life according to his choice. Within the Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva family, her parents were very supportive and encouraged her to face each and every responsibility that came her way. 

Sonal Kukreja Wiki 2023 Overview


Article Title  Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Biography
Name Sonal Kukreja 
Citizenship  Indian
Height 5 ‘ 9″
Profession  Fashion Model and Entrepreneur
Winner  Liva Miss SUPRANATIONAL 2023
Age 25 years


Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Family

Apart from all these, according to Sonal Kukreja’s Miss Diva Biography, no other information is available about Suman’s family. It has been heard that at the age of 15, when his mind was not engaged in studies, At that time, her father suggested she read the book “The Secret”. Reading this book brought an unprecedented change to Sonal’s life.


Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Biography
Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Biography


Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Height

Please tell me that Sonam Kukreja’s total height is 5 feet 9 inches; if we measure her total height in centimeters, then her Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Height sits at 175 centimeters. It was some time ago that a startup foundation was started by Sonal, in which people are encouraged to stay safe and financially independent. Sonal firmly believes that the complete and holistic development of an individual takes place only through education. And the person breaks the chains of slavery forever and ever. 

She believes that if people are given financial freedom, they will do good things for themselves and their families. According to the information we have received under Sonal Kukreja’s Miss Diva Biography, Sonal has many hobbies like dancing, meditating, learning music, writing, traveling, etc.

Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Age

Sonal won the title of Miss Diva Supranational 2023 by defeating all 16 contestants in her midst. Talking about Sonal Kukreja’s Miss Diva Age, her age is only 25 years old now. Sonal got his early education in Jaipur. 

After getting her school education, she went to Pennsylvania State University for further studies. From where he studied marketing and public relations. According to Sonal Kukreja’s Miss Diva Biography, you are getting all this information today.

Sonal Kukreja, Miss Diva D.O.B.

Sonal Kukreja was born in Delhi but spent her early life in Jaipur. She spent her later life in Jaipur. Although Sonal Kukreja, Miss Diva D.O.B., said Getting information about her is not easy as it is not available in an interview. She said it is not that easy to tell a girl. 

However, according to Sonal Kukreja’s Miss Diva Biography, she is always ready to accept new challenges. That is, as an entrepreneur, Sonal has created the crypto financial institution Unicas. Sonal has a huge fan following on Instagram as well. That is, he has 22.9K followers on Instagram.

Sonal Kukreja Miss Diva Career

  • Sonal Kukreja, who is currently 25 years old, has a total height of 5 feet 9 inches. 
  • According to Sonal Kukreja’s Miss Diva Career, she is an entrepreneur and fashion model. 
  • Her early childhood was spent in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and later he got an education at Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls School. 
  • After that, took admission for higher education at Pennsylvania State University. 
  • Most recently, she won the Live Miss Divas Super National Book. 
  • And for the coming year 2024, his name has been confirmed as a participant in Miss Universe. 
  • You will get more information about them through the link given below in this article, Sonal Kukreja, Miss Diva Biography.

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FAQs Related to Sonal Kukreja’s Miss Diva Biography

How old is Sonal Kukreja now?

Sonal Kukreja is just 25 years old.

What is the main occupation of Sonal Kukreja?

Sonal Kukreja’s main business is entrepreneurship and fashion design.

Which award has been won by Sonal K recently?

Sonal has just won the title of LIVA MISS SUPRANATIONAL 2023.

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