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As you all know, two types of traditional calendars are followed in India. The first calendar is the lunar calendar, according to which the next day of Purnamasi is the first day of the month, and according to the solar calendar, Sankranti or Sangrand is the first day of the month. Read this article till the end because we have given all the information related to Sangrand September 2023 in this article.

Sangrand September 2023

As you all know according to the lunar calendar, the first day after the full moon is the beginning of the new month. According to the solar calendar, the day of Sankranti is the beginning of the new month. Vikram Samvad’s character is followed in India according to which Chaitra is the first month. Now many people will say that Vaishakh is the first month and Vaishakhi is the first day but it is not so, it is just the day of the first harvesting of wheat crops. If you are interested in knowing the list of Sangrand September 2023, then read this article till the end.

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According to the list of Sangrand September 2023, the first day of this year 2023 fell on 14 March 2023 in the month of Chaitra. Right now the month of September is going on and if you want to know the Sankranti or Sangrand of September, then we would like to tell you that it is on 17th September 2023 i.e. Sunday. In India, no matter which state you belong to, your festivals and main festivals must be given great importance to days like Purnmasi, Amavasya, and Sankranti in some way or other.

Sangrand September 2023 Overview


Article Sangrand September 2023
Sangrand September 17th September 
Puranmashi September 29th September
Masya September 14-15th September
Panchami September 20th  September
Dashhmi September 25th September
Year 2023


Sangrand List 2023

As you know according to the solar calendar, Sankranti is the first day of every month and many traditions have their main festivals on this day, that is why we have given Sangrand List 2023 below for the convenience of our readers:

Sr. No. Month Sangrand 2023 Day of Week Desi Month
1. January 14 Jan 2023 Saturday Magh
2. February 13 Feb 2023 Monday Phagan
3. March 14 Mar 2023 Tuesday Chet
4. April 14 Apr 2023 Friday Vaisakh
5. May 15 May 2023 Monday Jeth
6. June 15 Jun 2023 Thursday Harh
7. July 16 Jul 2023 Sunday Sawan
8. August 17 Aug 2023 Thursday Bhadon
9. September 17 Sep 2023 Sunday Assu
10. October 17 Oct 2023 Tuesday Kattak
11. November 16 Nov 2023 Thursday Maghar
12. December 16 Dec 2023 Saturday Poh


Sangrand September
Sangrand September


Gurpurab in September 2023 

This month of September is significant for all our Sikh brothers and sisters around the world and the full moon and Sankranti falling within it are also very important for them from the religious point of view. Below we have given a list of Gurpurab in September 2023 for their convenience:

Special Days in September 2023
Date Special Day Weekday
14-15 September Masya Thursday, Friday
— September Sangrand Sunday
20 September Panchmi Wednesday
25 September Dashmi Monday
29 September Puranmashi Friday


Puranmashi 2023 List

As you know India is a huge country and its civilization is thousands of years old, in which there is a science hidden behind all the festivals and festivals that are celebrated. Our ancestors created our calendar by linking each of our major festivals and also with days like Puranmashi, hence even today many societies always check the Puranmashi 2023 List.

Sr. No. Puranmashi Date Day of Week
1. 6 Jan 2023 Friday
2. 5 Feb 2023 Sunday
3. 7 Mar 2023 Tuesday
4. 6 Apr 2023 Thursday
5. 5 May 2023 Friday
6. 4 Jun 2023 Sunday
7. 3 Jul 2023 Monday
8. 1 Aug 2023 Tuesday
9. 31 Aug 2023 Thursday
10. 29 Sep 2023 Friday
11. 28 Oct 2023 Saturday
12. 27 Nov 2023 Monday
13. 26 Dec 2023 Tuesday


Masya September 2023

Amavasya is the day we cannot see the moon in the sky. In many cultures, this is considered the first day of the month. This day is on the 14th or 15th of September in September. It is very important to have a list of Amavasya from the point of view of festivals and pujas, hence we have provided Masya September 2023 below:

Sr. No. Masya Date Day of Week
1. 21 Jan 2023 Saturday
2. 20 Feb 2023 Monday
3. 21 Mar 2023 Tuesday
4. 20 Apr 2023 Thursday
5. 19 May 2023 Friday
6. 18 Jun 2023 Sunday
7. 17 Jul 2023 Monday
8. 16 Aug 2023 Wednesday
9. 14-15 Sep 2023 Thursday, Friday
10. 14 Oct 2023 Saturday
11. 13 Nov 2023 Monday
12. 12 Dec 2023 Tuesday


Panchmi September 2023

According to the lunar calendar, the first day of the month and the first day of the year, both are new moon days. The fifth day from this day is called Panchami. According to our ancestors, Panchami Tithi was also considered a very important date, hence even today people read and perform many pujas on Panchami Tithi every month.

Sr. No. Panchami Date Day of Week
1. 26 January Thursday
2. 24 February Friday
3. 26 March Sunday
4. 25 April Tuesday
5. 24 May Wednesday
6. 23 June Friday
7. 23 July Sunday
8. 21 August Monday
9. 20 September Wednesday
11. 19 October Thursday
12. 18 November Saturday
13. 17 December Sunday


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FAQs on Sangrand September 2023

When would Sankranti in September be happening?

On 17th.

Which calendar says that Sankranti is the first day?

Solar Calendar.

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