Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date, Launched By, Vehicle Details, Ministry

Their first sea exploration mission is to be launched by India, named Samudra Yaan. Within this mission, three people will be sent in a submarine whose name is Matsya 6000. The goal of this mission will be to go 6 kilometers under the sea and find the resources present there as well as help in mapping. In this article, we are going to give you all the information related to the Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date.

Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date

It is being told that India has just prepared its new super advanced submarine named Matsya 6000 for the Samudra Vaan mission. The main objective of this mission is to explore the unexplored ocean for which the experts are going to go 6 kilometers below the sea. We are going to find out the level and all the resources present there and advance mapping will be done with the help of technology. If you are interested in the Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date then please read this article till the end.

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As you all know India is surrounded by sea on three sides and hence the government wants India’s blue economy to grow as quickly as possible. More than 30% of the population lives in coastal areas. It is being said that the Government of India has kept the budget of this mission more than Rs 4000 crore. This mission will be completed in 5 years which there will be 2 phases, the first phase will be of 3 years and the second phase will be of 2 years. The date of 29 October 2023 has been chosen as the Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date.

Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date Overview


Article Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date
Organization National Institute of Ocean Technology
Event Sea Exploration Mission Launch
Vehicle Matasya 6000
Date 29th October 2023
Mission Span 5 Years
Budget 4000+ Crore


Mission Samudrayaan Launch Schedule

As you all know the Samudra Yaan Mission was just announced by the National Institute of Ocean Technology in which they told that the Government of India is now going to invest in the exploration of the ocean along with space and in this Rs 4000 crore will be given for the mission in 5 years. Mission Samudrayaan Launch Schedule has been announced, according to which this mission will start on 29 October 2023 and the launch will also be shown on TV.


Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date
Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date


Mission Samudrayaan Launch Vehicle

There is a lot of discussion in the country about the investments being made by the government in the field of science. Now Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya L1 missions have been completed and the government is going to spend 4,000 crores on the Samudra Yaan mission. It is being told that this mission aims to locate the resources present inside the sea. For those who do not know the name of Mission Samudrayaan Launch Vehicle, we would like to tell them that it is Matsya 6000 developed by the National Institute of Fashion Technology.

Mission Samudrayaan Director

In India, more than 30% of people’s homes depend on the sea because India is surrounded by sea on three sides and more than 30% of the people live in coastal areas and do sea-related work. To boost India’s economy, we need to explore this sea. That is why the Government of India, in collaboration with the National Institute of Fashion Technology, launched Mission Samudra Yaan in which an investment of Rs 4,000 crore was made. According to the information, the Director of this Mission Samudrayaan is Jitendra Singh.

Mission Samudrayaan Launch Venue

29 October 2023 is very important for India because on this day India’s first ocean exploration mission is going to be launched, named Samudra Yaan. Under this mission, our experts will go 6 kilometers below the sea and find out the resources present there. The submarine used in this mission has been tested in the Bay of Bengal and Chennai. Mission Samudrayaan Launch Venue has not been announced yet due to security purposes.

Mission Samudrayaan Launch Live Streaming

As you all know India’s National Institute of Fashion Technology and Ministry of Earth Resources have jointly announced the Tea Exploration Mission, which is going to be launched on 29 October 2023. Talks are going on across the country regarding this mission and people also want to see the launch of this mission. According to the information, you will be able to watch Mission Samudrayaan Launch Live Streaming on YouTube, television, and many OTT platforms.

FAQs on Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date

When will this mission be Launched?

29th October 2023.

How much money is used in this mission?

4000 Crore.

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