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A centralized portal was launched by the Reserve Bank of India on Thursday, August 17, 2023, and was named RBI UDGAM Portal 2023. The release issued by the RBI describes that the list of unclaimed deposits is published by the bank on its websites. To improve and widen the reach. The RBI UDGAM Portal 2023 was launched on August 17, 2023, to search for unclaimed deposits.

RBI UDGAM Portal 2023

Banks in which the portal has been created by the RBI to check the unclaimed money lying through the Udgam Portal, State Bank of India Punjab National Bank, South Indian Limited Bank, DBS Bank India Limited Citibank, the Central Bank of India, and Dhanlaxmi Bank Limited are included. This facility will be launched by October 15, 2023, through the RBI UDGAM Portal 2023

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Let us tell you that the main purpose of this portal that has been implemented is to collect such unclaimed money that has not been used by the customer for more than 10 years in the savings or current account or from such fixed deposits that have been deposited even after maturity. Has not been paid for 10 years. So let us tell you more information in detail regarding the UDGAM Portal 2023 today.

RBI UDGAM Portal 2023 Overview


Article Title  RBI UDGAM Portal 2023
Category  Banking 
Portal name Udgam Portal 
Web portal came in proposal 6 April 2023
Web portal udgam will come in existence  15 October 2023
Purpose of launching Udgam web portal To find and claimed unclaimed money
Website udgam.rbi.org.in


What is Udgam Portal?

Today in our country, you will find many such banks in which thousands of crores of rupees have been deposited by many people in such a way that, till date, none of their claimants have been able to come forward and give information about such unclaimed deposits. A centralized web portal has been launched by the Reserve Bank, which is addressed by the name Udgam. 

By visiting the UDGAM Portal 2023, any person can get information about unclaimed deposits deposited in banks. Explain that the development of a centralized web portal by RBI for the purpose of finding out about unclaimed deposits was announced by RBI on April 6, 2023.




Udgam Portal RBI Link

It has been noted by the Reserve Bank of India that as soon as the origin portal is launched, all the users will be able to identify their unclaimed money, and after that, all the users will be able to claim their deposit amount or deposit in their deposit accounts. It will be able to restart in the respective banks. 

The Udgam Portal RBI Link has also been made available in this article for the convenience of the users, and the organizations that have cooperated in launching this Udgam Portal are Indian Financial Technology and Allied Services, Reserve Bank of India Information Technology Private Limited, and participating banks. 

Be informed that through the UDGAM Portal 2023, it can be very easy for common people to find deposits in their bank accounts or unclaimed deposits of their loved ones, even if the amount of the accounts is deposited in more than one bank.

RBI Unclaimed Deposits Portal 

The RBI Unclaimed Deposits Portal, which is a centralized web portal launched by RBI Governor Shashikant Das, has been named Udgam, i.e., Unclaimed Deposits: Gateway to Access Information.  The sole purpose of creating this web portal by RBI is to provide information to the public about the unclaimed money lying in the banks of their own or their near and dear ones for more than 10 years. Through the UDGAM Portal 2023, users can easily find out about the unclaimed amount lying in multiple banks at one place. So let’s get information about this application as well.

Udgam RBI Website

Recently, the government informed Parliament that by March 31, 2023, 36,185 unclaimed deposits would have been transferred to public sector banks. Whereas in the last year, in the month of March, this amount was only Rs 15,090 crore. 

According to the Udgam RBI website, private banks had transferred Rs 6087 crore to this fund until March 31, 2023. You can download the Udgam application very easily through the Google Play Store. For this, you have to go to the Google Play Store, simply type the Udgam application, and click on the install button. Information regarding the UDGAM Portal 2023 will be received from.

How to Register for the UDGAM Portal 2023

  1. First of all, you have to go to the origination customer portal. And have to register. 
  2. After this, you will have to enter your mobile number, name, password, and captcha code for the registration process in the context of your question. 
  3. How to Register for UDGAM Portal 2023 and click on the submit button at the end. 
  4. As soon as you click on the submit button, an OTP is generated and sent to the user’s registered mobile number. 
  5. Through the UDGAM Portal 2023, users can login to their Udgam account by entering their mobile number and password. 
  6. After logging in, applicants have to enter an OTP, after which they are navigated to a new page. 
  7. Where the user has to provide his identity card by entering his bank name. 
  8. You can provide your PAN card, voter card, passport, license number, etc. as an identity card. 
  9. After this, users can easily check the amount of their medicine by clicking on search.

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FAQs Related RBI UDGAM Portal 2023

When was the proposal given by the RBI to launch the Udgam portal?

The proposal to launch the Udgam portal was given by the RBI on April 6, 2023.

When will the Udgam portal come into existence?

The Udgam portal will come into existence on October 15, 2023.

Why has the RBI launched the Udgam Portal?

The main objective of launching the Udgam portal by the RBI is to find out how much unclaimed money is lying in the banks.

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