Putthupally Election Result 2023, Highlights, Polls

As you all know that Putthupally Assembly Elections are going on right now and in this article you will be given all the information related to Putthupally Election Result 2023 whether it is the name of the winner or the vote count or whether it is from Putthupally Poles. There should be any related news. This assembly constituency is located in the state of Kerala. For those who do not know, let us tell them that this area comes under Kottayam district.

Putthupally Election Result 2023

The last time elections were held in this area was in 2021, in which a record-breaking 71% voting took place. It is said that overall there are around two lakh registered voters in this area. This area is very important from the election point of view in the state of Kerala. Last time a representative of the Indian National Congress had won the election. In the upcoming election, the main contenders vying for the seat are Chandy Oommen of the INC, Jaick C Thomas of the CPM, and G Lijin Lal of the BJP. In addition to these candidates, several independent candidates from various regional parties are also participating in the elections.

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There is a lot of excitement among everyone for Putthupally Election Result 2023. Everyone will come here from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on 5th September 2023 to cast an election vote at the polling booth. Simultaneously, the informal voting count will also continue. Will have to wait for the final voting count. For those who do not know, we would like to tell them that this election is being conducted because unfortunately the Chief Minister of Kerala, who was a candidate here, passed away a few days ago.

Putthupally Election Result 2023 Overview


Article Putthupally Election Result 2023
Organization Election Commission
State Kerala
District Kottayam
Year 2023
Reason for Election Death of Last Winner
Website sec.kerala.gov.in

Kerala ByElection Vote Count

In the Legislative Assembly elections being held in the Puthuppalli area of Kerala on 5 September 2023, the son of the Chief Minister who has just died has been selected as the candidate by the Indian National Congress. After voting at the polling booth, the final Kerala ByElection Vote Count will be conducted on 8 September 2023. You can also watch this vote count live with the help of many news channels. The new MLA will be announced before 3:00 p.m.


Putthupally Election Result
Putthupally Election Result


Puthuppally Election Winner Name

As you all know, elections are being held in the Puthuppalli assembly constituency of Kerala after the death of the Chief Minister, which is going to be held on 5 September 2023. Many people are very excited about the Puthuppally Election Winner’s Name. It is believed that this time very strong candidates are being fielded by the Communist Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party. For your information, let us also tell you that the son of the late Chief Minister is also contesting from Congress in this election and he is also getting a lot of support from the people.

Putthuppally Election Polls

The Election Commission of India was very successful in conducting the elections in Puthuppalli Assembly Constituency on 5th September 2023 and now the winner will be declared after the final board account on 8th September 2023. Altogether 182 Puthuppally Election Polls were set up in which 71% of the 200000 registered voters of that area came and voted. As soon as the final account is out, we will upload the result on our website and also announce the name of the winner. Follow our website to get timely news.

Putthupally Caste Based Population

Every time an election, caste-based population and religion-based population of the area is a very important topic for the political party to win the election. This time also, keeping in mind the Putthupally Caste Based Population, all the parties have fielded their candidates. It is believed that the chances of winning for the candidates of the Bharatiya Janata Party and Communist Party are very high. But it cannot be ignored that the Indian National Congress is dominant in the area and their candidate is the son of the Chief Minister who has just passed away.

Putthupally Religion Based Population

As you all know, assembly elections are going on in Puthuppalli area in Kerala state. The state of Kerala is infamous in the country mainly because of its high Muslim and Christian population. It is said that this state is gradually becoming an Islamic state. In this election also, Putthupally religious population matters a lot and every political party knows this, hence many parties are fielding only those candidates who belong to the religion in which people live most in some areas.

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FAQs on Putthupally Election Result 2023

When was the Election?

On 5th September 2023.

When would the Vote Count be Scheduled?

On 8th September 2023.

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