Petrol Diesel price in Delhi Today 2023 Check Latest Rate

Petrol and diesel prices were largely constant in Delhi from last time. On Monday, 7 August 2023 across New Delhi Kolkata and other metro cities, the prices of petrol and diesel are constant. Petrol rate and diesel rates have been steady over the last few months and they are not increasing and decreasing. However, according to the current situation, these cities fluctuate their prices every day but some sort of changes they make are constant. The prices of petrol and diesel change state by state and according to the government.

Petrol Diesel price in Delhi

The prices of petrol and diesel change state by state and according to which the Delhi government makes a stable and constant rate of petrol and diesel.  Depending upon the value and the valuation criteria such as value-added tax charges and local tax etc. they decide the prices of petrol and diesel. The last countrywide changes infuriated was on 21st May and last year.

The finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also expressed the excise duty call last year on petrol by eight rupees per litre and six rupees per litre in diesel. She is the God of excise duty by the central government in May 2022 submitted to reduce the taxes on petrol due to the high inflation of petrol by the central government.

Petrol Diesel Price in Delhi Overview

Title Petrol Diesel price in Delhi
Year 2023
Category Prices
Petrol Price 96.72
Diesel Price 89.62

Petrol Diesel price in Delhi Tomorrow

After increasing the central government taxes on diesel and petrol, some of the state governments also decreased their VAT. While some have imposed other taxes on petrol and diesel. Earlier this month congress accused the Centre of profiteering through its relentless imposition of taxes On petrol and diesel also. They also urged that there are hundred Modi governments to pass on the benefits of reduced international crude oil prices for the people of petrol and diesel consumers. They also argue that the congress general secretary charged communication back-breaking of the inflation.

Petrol Diesel price in Noida

Talk about the petrol diesel price in Noida then it’s particularly the same as petrol and diesel price in Delhi and Delhi NCR. Diesel rates or rate 25 to 30 per litre increased to the Texas level during the previous UPA government. However, currently, the price of petrol in Delhi is 96.72 per litre and if We talk about the diesel price then it is 89.62 per litre. How are the prices of diesel and petrol approximately the same as in the previous months? The price of petrol in the previous month at a higher price was 106.31 per litre of petrol and of diesel was 94.27 per litre.

Petrol Diesel price in Gurgaon

Petrol price is approximately Rs.95 per litre. And it is the same as in Delhi in terms of diesel. Meanwhile in Kolkata the. Price of petrol is approximately Rs.160 per litre and the price of diesel is Rs.92.76 per litre. If you talk about Chennai then 102.63 per litre and diesel can be obtained at the rate of 9.42 per litre. So these are all the fuel prices in the other cities and you can also see the graph of the price rate of petrol and diesel in Google and on other websites related to economics. You can also see the petrol prices of the other cities on the official website of oil marketing companies. According to petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh the international crude oil cost remains stable and this forms I have a good next quarter.

Delhi Diesel price Today

Delhi diesel price today is approximately 89.62 per litre.  Public sector oil marketing companies including Bharat petroleum Corporation Ltd and Indian oil Corporation Ltd and also the Hindustan petroleum Corporation Ltd revise their petrol and diesel prices on the daily basis with the related benchmarks of the international foreign trade exchange.

So you can see the analysis of the company’s graph on the previous past and the future. Any changes in the petrol and diesel price are implemented from 6 AM every day according to the state. However exercise is the same as the previous on the average rate. Oil companies will be in a position to look at the issues of reducing petrol and diesel prices if the international petrol and diesel prices remain stable then it would be possible. So this is all about Petrol Diesel price in Delhi.


FAQs related to Petrol Diesel price in Delhi

What is the Petrol price in Delhi?

The petrol price in Delhi is 96.72 per litre.

What is the diesel price in Delhi?

The diesel price in Delhi is 89.62 per litre.

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