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To make it easier for Indian citizens to make passports, the Ministry of External Affairs has opened a new online website by the name of Passport Seva Portal 2.0. In this article, we will give you all the information about Passport and Sneh online portal. A passport is a document that we use when we have to go to another country. This is an identification document like the Aadhar Card which is internationally recognized.

Passport Seva Portal 2.0

If you are planning to travel abroad with your family, then you must know that you are going to need a document called a passport. The process of making it is not simple. In this article, we will give you all the information about it. We have brought good news for you because the Ministry of External Affairs has just launched its new online website Passport Seva Portal 2.0, with the help of which the process of making a passport will become easier.’

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With the launch of this new online portal, many more convenient steps have been taken, such as now you will be able to keep a soft copy of your passport with you and download it very easily with the help of the internet. Adding information from passport, update process, reassurance process, etc. can be done very easily with the help of Passport Seva Portal 2.0. If you want, you can visit this website once, its direct link is given in the overview table below.

Passport Seva Portal 2.0 Overview


Article Passport Seva Portal 2.0
Organization Ministry of External Affairs
Application Works related to Passport
Launch May 2010
Beneficiary Citizens
Country India


E-Passport Download Portal

Till now passport was a document that was mainly accepted in hard copy but three great technical institutions of India; IIT Kanpur, National Informatics Center, and Ministry of External Affairs have taken this big step that people will now be able to easily download and keep a soft copy of their passport with the help of E-Passport Download Portal. In this article, you have been given all the information about this website.

Passport Seva Portal 2.0
Passport Seva Portal 2.0


Passport Seva Portal 2.0 Benefits

By using the new passport website opened by the Ministry of External Affairs: Passport Seva Portal 2.0, the process of making a passport will become easier for the people of India. Everyone will be able to easily download the soft copy of their passport. Let us tell you that an earlier soft copy of my passport was not given. It is not possible to tamper with the data embedded in the e-passport. There is a 64 KB chip embedded in the e-passport in which all your information such as biometric details will be uploaded,

Difference Between E-Passport and Regular Passport

All personal data is printed in the regular passport which can be seen by any common man. Your regular passport can be duplicated and can also be used for fraud. The biggest benefit of removing the passport is that neither the data can be tampered with nor it can be duplicated. Your data is also embedded inside the field and not printed and hence can only be viewed by the authorities by scanning it with a machine.

E-Passport Application Process Seva Portal 2.0

As you all know, a few days ago a new website was launched by the Minister of External Affairs, whose name is Passport Seva Portal 2.0. This online portal of the passport makes the process of making very easy and with the help of this portal, you can download your passport. Follow the stack given below if you want to apply for your passport:

Go to the home page of the website.

  1. Click on Apply for Passport.
  2. Register using a phone number.
  3. Submit the Application Form.
  4. Submit the soft copy of the documents that have been asked for.
  5. Pay the fees.
  6. Print out the receipt.
  7. Now when your application is processed you will be sent a response from the front.

Data Stored In E-Passport

Many citizens of India are showing fear of leaking their data due to the launch of E-Passport, but we would like to tell all of them that Data Stored In E-Passport is completely safe. It cannot be duplicated nor can it be edited. To see the data, the person in front should have a special device that is only with the authority. You will find the following information in the e-passport:

  1. Passport bearer’s name
  2. The passport bearer’s date of birth
  3. Passport holder’s fingerprints on all ten fingers
  4. Passport-size colored photograph of the holder
  5. The digital signature of the bearer
  6. Iris scan of the passport holder
  7. Demographic details of the passport bearer

Documents Required For E-Passport Application

If you want to get a passport made for yourself from the new website of the Ministry of External Affairs, then you must know about the Documents Required For E-Passport Application written below:

  • Residential address proof
  • Age Proof

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