Old Pension Scheme Latest News 2023, Today, Supreme Court Judgement

The Old Pension Scheme debate continues in 2023, with critics highlighting fiscal risks, while proponents argue for fairness in compensations and potential economic stimulus through salary adjustments.

Old Pension Scheme Latest News 

As per the Old Pension Scheme Latest News, State Employees Federation President Afif Saddiqui said that employees are being motivated to join the movement through awareness rallies across the state. In the conference organized at Sahakaritha Bhawan, Senior Vice President of the Joint Struggle Steering Committee, Vinay Kumar Singh said that an open letter will be issued to the MPs from October 30 to November 2 for the restoration of the Old Pension Scheme.

After the implementation of the old pension scheme in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, discussions about the restoration of the old pension scheme have once again intensified in the country before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Old Pension Scheme Latest News Overview

Scheme Old Pension Scheme
Authority Central Government of India
Beneficiary Employees of the Central Government
Amount  125000 per month (Maximum)
Current Status Replaced By the National Pension System (NSP
Official website  pensionersportal.gov.in

Old Pension Scheme Latest News Supreme Court Judgement

A division bench of High Court judges Justice Vivek Singh Thakur and Justice Bipin Chandra Negi while hearing a petition, said that pension is a social security scheme in view of the socio-economic requirements of the Constitution which provides assistance for the period of retirement.

The High Court bench passed the order after hearing the petition filed by a petitioner named Roop Lal. The High Court has issued an order to the state government to give all the pension benefits within a month according to the Supreme Court judgement on the old Pension Scheme. A new update has come out regarding the restoration of the old pension scheme in the state.

Old Pension Scheme Latest News
Old Pension Scheme Latest News

Old Pension Scheme Latest News Today

All India State Government Employees Federation will hold a mega rally in Delhi on November 3 in support of many demands including the restoration of old pensions. National Vice President of the federation, Kamlesh Mishra said that if the government does not caution even after the Maharally, the employees will be forced to make tough decisions.

The matter of restoration of old pensions is not coming to a halt. Officials of the Uttar Pradesh State Employees Federation and Joint Struggle Steering Committee (S-4) have announced a phased agitation from October 30 and will hold a demonstration for three days at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi.

Old Pension Scheme Latest News for Central Government Employees

The pension belongs to the employees, who are a very large voter class. Political parties are using it as a weapon to woe. Now a fresh debate has erupted regarding the old pension scheme. The old pension scheme was discontinued on 1 April 2004 and replaced by the National Pension System.

It is claimed that in the new scheme, employees get very less benefits as compared to the old scheme. Their future is not secure because of this. The tax has to be paid on the money received after retirement.

FAQs related to Old Pension Scheme Latest News 

What is the current status of the old Pension Scheme?

The Old Pension Scheme was replaced by the National Pension System by the central government.

What is the Supreme Court Judgement on the Old Pension Scheme?

As per the high court judgement, the old Pension Scheme is provided to paramilitary forces.

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    • Should be paid. It is a protection to elderly people and they need not require wards support. It’s GOD’s given gift. Government should consider favourably to all.

  1. Old pension??? What about EPS95 pensioners, who are getting least amount at 1000 pm. No one bothers about those pensioners who are getting same amount of pension for years together NO DA, NO HIKE??!! Even EPFOs staffs also gets more pension with our contributions but we receive same even after 15 years of retirement. MLAs n MPs ( to serve for nation) are getting pensions for least working of 5 years lakhs of rupees but we have receive only peanuts!!!???

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