Morocco Earthquake News, Death Report, Magnitude ?

Late at night on Friday, September 8, 2023, a strong earthquake of about 6.8 magnitude was felt in the south-west part of Marrakesh, Morocco. We have received information that about 132 people have been reported dead. According to the correct news that came out after this under Morocco Earthquake News, the death toll has almost crossed 296. Let us make it clear to you that an orange alert has been issued due to huge economic losses in the southwestern part of Marrakesh, Morocco. According to Morocco Earthquake News, Malwa is lying scattered in the streets due to the earthquake. It is being estimated that the loss has been greater.

Morocco Earthquake News

According to the US Geological Survey, in view of the data that has come out, a yellow alert has also been issued, which shows that there is a possibility of some more incidents happening. According to Morocco Earthquake News, the USGS clarified that most of the country’s population lives in areas that are highly sensitive to earthquakes.

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A similar earthquake occurred in Morocco’s neighboring country, Algeria, in 1980, in which about 2500 people were reported dead. This storm in Algeria is considered one of the largest earthquakes in recent history. To get detailed information regarding Morocco’s earthquake news, you will have to watch this article till the end.

2023 Morocco Earthquake News 2023 Overview

Article Title Morocco Earthquake News
Category Natural Disaster
Country affected by earthquake Morocco
Intensity of earthquake on reactor scale 6.8
Center of earthquake 70 km far away from marakesh of Morocco
Total loss Death 296

Injured 153

Date and time 08 September 2023 at 11:11 pm

Morocco Earthquake Live News

This question must be coming to mind: what is the reason for earthquakes? To clear your doubt, let us clarify that earthquakes keep happening due to the collision of tectonic plates inside the earth. There are seven plates inside the earth that always rotate.


Morocco Earthquake News
Morocco Earthquake News


Whenever any plates collide with each other, it becomes a fault line zone, and due to the bending of the corners of the surface of the plates, pressure is generated there, and the platelets start breaking.

Due to the breaking of the platelets, energy is generated, and it shakes the earth while opening the way out, due to which we feel earthquakes. According to Morocco Earthquake Live News, this could also be one of the main reasons for the earthquake in Morocco.

Morocco earthquake today

PM Modi expressed deep sorrow over the devastation caused by the earthquake in Morocco. India has promised to provide all possible help to Morocco. On social media, he tweeted, Our deepest condolences to the family of the one who has lost him.

Wishing good health to the injured in the Morocco earthquake today, he pledged to provide all possible assistance to Morocco.

Morocco Earthquake History 2023

According to an AP report, in 2004, about 628 people were killed and 946 were injured in the earthquake that occurred in Al Hoceima, in northeastern Morocco. According to Morocco Earthquake History 2023, in 1980, a powerful earthquake of 7.3 magnitude occurred in the neighboring country of Algeria. Whose information has been provided to you above.

According to the news agency Reuters, many houses have collapsed in the old city of Marrakesh, and people are doing the work of removing the debris by hand. According to Morocco Earthquake News, relief work is in full swing. Relief and rescue work is being done with big machines. The crowd in hospitals is continuously increasing.

The main areas that have been devastated by the earthquake are Rabat, Casablanca, and Assoura. Due to the earthquake, the internet system has also come to a standstill due to power cuts in many areas of Morocco.

Morocco Earthquake Risk

Many areas of Morocco were shaken by the strong earthquake felt in the African country. People started moving to clean places to save their lives. Although it has been confirmed that more than 296 people have died due to this tremor of the earth, let us tell you that this earthquake was of 6.8 reactor intensity.

According to the report by the Associated Press, this information has been given by the Interior Ministry of the country itself. Seeing the earthquake risk in Morocco, people ran out of their homes in panic, and many historical buildings were demolished. Providing information about the earthquake, the US Geological Survey clarified that the time of occurrence of the earthquake was at 11:11 p.m. at a depth of about 18.5 kilometers in the earth, about 44 miles, i.e., 71 kilometers southwest of Markesh.

Bhukamp Ka Samachar

Many such videos were released by the residents of Morocco through social media, in which you will see a very horrifying scene in which the earth will slip under your feet. To get Bhukamp Ka Samachar, you can also bookmark our website so that every news item under Morocco Earthquake News reaches you first. So yes, we were telling you that through social media you will get to see all these videos in which big buildings are seen collapsing and turning into debris.

Such a horrifying scene was seen in Morocco that even the souls of the people trembled. Due to the collapse of big buildings, heaps of dust were seen rising everywhere. Damage to some parts of the famous red walls in Marrakesh, Morocco, has been reported.

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FAQs Related Morocco Earthquake News

When did the storm hit Marrakesh, in the African country of Morocco?

The storm hit Marrakesh in the African country of Morocco at 11:11 p.m. on Friday night and had an intensity of 6.8 on the Reactor scale.

What promise did the Indian government make to help the African country of Morocco?

The Indian government promised to provide all possible help to the African country of Morocco.

How many people have been reported injured and killed due to the storm in Morocco?

There have been reports of 296 people dead and 153 injured due to the storm in Morocco.

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