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Nowadays, the air and roads of Delhi have become so much more polluted and dirty that people have become haraam to live in, even if they have adapted themselves to live in this dirt, but still, he is a common man only, Delhiites from dirt. To get rid of dirt on the roads, the Delhi Municipal Corporation is paying attention to Mechanical Sweeping Road plans. Let us know what mechanical sweeping road plans are, who implemented them, and when they were implemented. All kinds of information will be here today.

Mechanical Sweeping Road Plans

New rules like mechanical sweeping road plans will clean the mud on the road so that people will not have any problems breathing, as experts are of the opinion that the pollution of private vehicles in the capital is so high that the smoke from vehicles lives Mechanical Sweeping Road Plans have been introduced to get rid of the problem of fairy soil on the road, which is spoiling the atmosphere.

The machine has been deployed, and all this has been made possible by the rule that mechanical sweep road plans play an important role. Surjeet Thakur, who is Chairman of the Dames Department of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation, has taken note that mechanics are able to work the sweeping machines more easily at night.

Mechanic Sweeping 2023 Overview

Article Title Mechanical Sweeping Road Plans
Category Clieaness and
Authority Delhi Nagar Nigam
Plan name Mechanical Sweeping
Benefits Clean and Green Delhi
Year 2023


Enhancement in Street Sweeper Machine

In a statement, the Delhi government has made it clear to the Supreme Court that it has prepared an action plan, Mechanical Sweeping Road Plans, which will enable continuous cleaning of 8,500 km of roads after a total of 69 days of procurement. The craze for Enhancement in Street Sweeper machines is now increasing day by day. If we count the transport present in Delhi as an average, we get that there are a total of 1 crore, 18 lakh registered vehicles running in Delhi.

Mechanical Sweeping Road Plans
Mechanical Sweeping Road Plans

The atmosphere is polluted, but in addition, there are lakhs of vehicles that cross the border of Delhi daily. In the data, it has been found that there are more than 2,000,000 vehicles that do not have any pollutant controller certificates of their own. The vehicles include about 1.5 million 2-wheelers and about 500,000 cars. The government plans to take action against such vehicles, get them pollution controller certificates, or remove them from the road.

city to Get Mechanical Sweeping Machines

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made it clear in a statement to the public that the nation’s capital will now be made more beautiful and attractive, for which the people of Delhi have tightened their waists.

Many of the details were presented to the public. And it was last Saturday that the Chief Minister said that all mechanized road cleaners and that the pavement in Delhi would be cleaned daily using mechanical sweeping.

Such a resolution has been taken by the Delhi government. In his speech, the CM clarified that our government has appointed a 1400 km long road, which comes under the public welfare department of Delhi, has been provisionally cleaned three times.

Street Sweeping Plans

The Delhi government has informed us that as per the Mechanical Sweeping Road Plans, roads will be cleaned and water sprayed by machines, for which 609 sprinklers and 187 mobile antismog guns have been installed in hotspot areas to combat dust pollution.

The total number of controlled hotspots is around 13. Real-time studies will be conducted at all times. Street Sweeping Plans If proven effective, experts say the effect will be noticeable not only in the summer but also in the winter. This will help the people of Delhi get rid of the dirt on the roads.

At the same time, provision has been made by the Delhi government for large-scale tree plantations. The chief minister clarified that all these schemes that have been made by the Delhi government will be implemented only when they are strictly monitored. CCTV cameras will also be used, and tracking systems will also play an important role in this.

  • Vehicles for mechanical road sweeping have been provided by the Government of Delhi with two and three CBMs of 5 CBM capacity per vehicle.
  • 125 km per day by mechanical road sweeper vehicles. Lane cleaning will be possible.
  • The sweeping machine will pick up even the finest particles from the road via vacuum.
  • The machine is reported to be around 80 decibels, which is significantly lower than other machines of this level.
  • Sweeping machines are said to be equipped with EPA and Euro technology.
  • The quality and specifications of these machines have been checked by a three-member team from IIT Patna, the government said.

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FAQs Related Mechanical Sweeping Road Plans

What are Mechanical Sweeping Road Plans?

Under the Mechanical Sweeping Road Plan, the roads of Delhi will be cleaned.

How many areas in total have been identified as dirt hotspots under the Mechanical Sweeping Road Plan?

A total of 13 areas have been selected as hotspot areas under the Mechanical Sweeping Road Plan.

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