Madurai Train Accident News, 10 killed, 20 injured as fire breaks out on train.

Madurai Train Accident News: There is news about Madurai Train Fire Accident that a train coach caught fire at Madurai station in Tamil Nadu state. The fire in the coach is very severe, due to which there has been loss of life. 8 people have died due to the fire and 10 people are said to be injured. At present the fire department is engaged in controlling the fire. According to Madurai Railway officials, this train was going from Lucknow to Rameswaram and one of its tourist coaches caught fire.

Madurai Train Fire Accident Today 

Madurai Train Tragedy is a major accident took place in Madurai district, Tamil Nadu at 5:15 Am on Saturday morning. It is heard that 10 passengers died after a fire broke out in the tourist coach (private coach ) of the train going from Lucknow to Rameswaram. According to the Chief Public Relations Officer of Southern Railway, Guganesan told that 8 people died in the train fire incident in Tamil Nadu. While 20 others were injured. He told that gas cylinders were illegally brought in the passenger compartment. Due to which the fire broke out.

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Madurai Train Fire Reason

A massive fire broke out in a coach of the Punalur-Madurai Express train at Madurai station in Tamil Nadu. The reason for Madurai Train Accident was a blast in a gas cylinder which was carried in the train by passengers. The fire in the coach was became uncontrollable that the fire brigade personnel had to struggle a lot to extinguish it.

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh State, Yogi Adityanath has expressed deep sorrow over the Madurai train accident News. CM Yogi has described the Madurai train accident as extremely sad and heart-wrenching and CM Yogi has expressed condolences to the families of the deceased people. He also has issued instructions to provide full and proper treatment of the injured peoples in the Madurai Fire Tragedy. Along with this, CM Yogi wished for the speedy recovery of the injured and on the instructions of CM Yogi, Principal Secretary Home has taken command of this accident.


Madurai Train Accident News
Madurai Train Accident News


Train Accident in Tamilnadu Today

Madurai Train fire accident time is being told around 5:15 in the morning. When this Madurai Train Fire Accident happened, the train stopped at Madurai Yard Junction. Madurai Train Fire tragedy is caused by a blast in gas cylinder. Railway officers told that the Madurai fire Train incident took place on the Lucknow-Rameshwaram Express.

According to sources, all the deceased pilgrims were residents of Uttar Pradesh State. There were a total of 65 passengers in the affected coach which caught fire. Sources told that the fire broke out during an attempt to cook food. Firefighters from Madurai station rushed to the spot where gas cylinder was blast and doused the fire.

Madurai Train Fire News live update 

The people who killed in Madurai Train Accident, the Government of India has announced to give a compensation of 10-10 lakh rupees to the family members of the dead. The latest news about the Madurai train accident is that the fire has been brought under control and all the injured are being treated. SP President Akhilesh Yadav

tweeted about the Madurai train accident – “The news of the death of 10 people from Uttar Pradesh in the train accident in Madurai due to the negligence of the railways is very sad. Tribute! This negligence should be thoroughly investigated and the families of the deceased should be punished.” 1 crore should be given as compensation.

Madurai Train Tragedy 

Today, In Madurai Train Accident 10 pilgrims from state Uttar Pradesh had died in this train accident in the early hours of Saturday morning. While more than 20 passengers have been injured in Madurai Train Tragedy. 63 pilgrims from UP were traveling in a private coach. The coach was attached to the Punalur-Madure Express when the incident took place. 

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Madurai Train Fire causes 

The main reason of Tamilnadu Fire Accident is gas cylinder. Seeing the growing flames of the fire, other bogies attached to the train were separated so that the fire does not spread to other bogies. This coach left Lucknow on August 17 for the pilgrimage centers of South India by connecting with Bharat Gaurav Express.

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