Kerala Nipah Virus Symptoms, Transmission Rate, Preventive Measures

Check all information about Kerala Nipah virus symptoms, Nipah Virus News Today, Kerala Nipah Virus treatment in Kerala. how to protect yourself from Kerala Nipah Virus? Two people have died in Kozhikode district of Kerala. Do you know what Nipah virus Symptoms and treatment are? How dangerous is this and how can Nipah Virus in India be treated. Nipah Virus has knocked in India and its patients are increasing rapidly in Kerala. Gave information about various steps. Kerala Health Minister Veena George informed about the steps taken by the government since the night of September 11. Orders have been given to close schools and banks of 7 panchayats in Kozhikode, Kerala.

Kerala Nipah Virus Symptoms 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Nipah virus symptoms to humans through animals. Sometimes it spreads through food and drink and also through humans. There is neither any cure for it nor has any vaccine been made till now for its treatment. Symptoms of Kerala Nipah virus start appearing in two to three days Nipah is a zoonotic virus that can spread to humans through infected animals or contaminated food. It can then spread from one infected person to another. Its symptoms include fever, headache, cough, difficulty breathing, vomiting, which in severe cases turns into brain swelling and causes brain death.

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Nipah virus (Niv) is a rapidly emerging virus, and Kerala Nipah Virus causes serious disease in animals and humans. NiV was first detected in Kampung Sungai Nipah, Malaysia in 1998. From there this virus got its name. At that time, pigs were the carriers of this disease. But after this, wherever NiV became known, there was no medium to transport this virus

Kerala Nipah Virus Symptoms Overview


Post Title Kerala Nipah Virus Symptoms
Category News
Virus  NiV Zoonotic Virus  (Paramyxoviridae)
Other Name Nipah virus
Symptoms fever, headache, cough, difficulty breathing, vomiting
Precaution Wear mask, social distance
cases in Kerala


Kerala Nipah Virus Symptoms and Treatment

Health experts say that one should avoid traveling to places where Nipah infection is increasing rapidly. Apart from this, for Nipah Virus Symptoms Treatment protection, wash your hands from time to time and clean them thoroughly before consuming fruits and vegetables. The state government has made several guidelines for the people infected with Nipah. High-risk Nipah patients have been asked to stay inside their homes. Along with this, in view of the increasing cases of Nipah virus, a ban has also been imposed on the gathering of large numbers of people.


Kerala Nipah Virus Symptoms
Kerala Nipah Virus Symptoms


Nipah Virus Treatment

  • The risk of transmission from bats to humans is high, so avoid going to places where there are a lot of bats.
  • Close physical contact with patients infected with Nipah virus should be avoided.
  • The risks of infection with this disease can be reduced by following good hygiene measures.
  • Avoid contact with bats and pigs. 
  • Do not eat fruits or vegetables that have fallen on the ground.
  • Keep wearing a mask.
  • Keep washing your hands from time to time.

Kerala Nipah Virus Latest News

Cases of Nipah virus are increasing in Kerala. After the death of two infected people, the state government and the central government are on alert. 58 wards of 9 panchayats in the state have been made containment zones to prevent the spread of infection. Kerala Health Minister said that out of these 700, about 77 people are in high-risk category.

Kerala Nipah Virus Symptoms in Animals

Let us tell you that the bat which has been considered the host of this virus is also called flying fox. It is commonly found in South and Southeast Asia. These bats love dates. First of all, it was observed that the virus was spreading due to drinking of fruits or water from the trees where most of the bats were found. Earlier this virus was confirmed in Kerala in 2018. It spreads through animals like pigs and bats or their fluids. 

Kerala Nipah Virus News Today

Kerala Health Minister Veena George informed about the steps taken by the government since the night of September 11. Orders have been given to close schools and banks of 7 panchayats in Kozhikode, Kerala. The first case of Nipah was seen in 1999, but till now there is neither any medicine nor any vaccine for its treatment. For now, the only treatment for Nipah is caution. If some things are kept in mind, then falling prey to this virus can be avoided, most importantly avoid coming in contact with bats.

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FAQs related to Kerala Nipah Virus Symptoms 

How many cases of Nipah Virus are there in Kerala?

There are a total 6 cases of Nipah Virus in Kerala as per the latest update.

What is the first symptoms of Kerala Nipah Virus? 

Nipah Virus Symptoms includes fever, headache, cough, vomiting, problem in breathing etc.

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