IRS Tax Return Calendar, When Will You Get Your Refund?

If you are also one of those people who have not filed their tax returns and are still in a dilemma about this process, then you should complete it as soon as possible without wasting more time. Information regarding the IRS Tax Return Calendar will be made available to you through the official website of the IRS, However, all these procedures are subject to change. What will you do? How will you do the IRS tax return calendar? You will get all the information you need in this article today.

IRS Tax Return Calendar

It is being told that all the processes will be done at a faster pace as compared to previous years. Although the information is being expressed, you can finally file the tax by April 18, 2023. Another question comes to the fore as to why April 18 is the tax deadline instead of April 15. 

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Let us tell you that April 15, which is the standard deadline, falls on a Saturday, and according to a rule in the IRS Tax Return Calendar, it is universally accepted that whenever a deadline falls on a weekend, the same deadline is moved by the IRS to the next business day. Be that as it may, Monday, April 17, 2003, is a well-known Emancipation Day holiday.

IRS Tax Calendar 2023 Overview 


Article Title  IRS Tax tax Return Calendar
Category  Income tax Calendar 
Authority IRS
Year 2023
United tax return Submit extended date till 17 October 2023
Year 2023


Tax Calendar For August 2023

There are some cases when any taxpayer is not able to make sure to file his taxes within the stipulated time limit, so here the candidates should make sure that all the documents are available with them before the tax filing deadline. And if you still fail to fill it out under the Tax Calendar for August 2023, then you can also request a date. You should periodically check Form No. 4868 for regular updates on the US income tax return you file. 

You can now file your federal tax return until October 17, 2023, according to sources obtained by the IRS Tax Return Calendar. And to get more information, you have to visit the official website of the IRS, which has been made available to you in this article.


IRS Tax Return Calendar
IRS Tax Return Calendar


IRS Holiday Schedule 2023

You are automatically granted an extension to file your federal tax return by the IRS. As you can tell from the title of this article itself, according to the IRS Holiday Schedule 2023, some dates may differ from the federal return extension dates; for this, you have to verify the advanced version rules mentioned by your state. 

It is worth noting here that even if you have made a tax request for extension of time, it is clear that if a person has tax arrears with a tax return, he will still have to file his tax return by April 18, 2023. Tax has to be paid. Through the IRS Tax Return Calendar, most entitled people will have to submit extension requests by April 18, 2023. This is the responsibility of all those taxpayers, and it can be a professional payment process.

Tax Calendar For Individuals

It turns out that most taxpayers receive their refund within 21 days, as predicted by the IRS, and you can count those days against the date you filed electronically. There is also a tax calendar for individual taxpayers who are looking for a particular refund status. All such taxpayers can go to the official website tax calendar, Where is my refund? for information on the IRS Tax Return Calendar.  Although the IRS has started receiving returns since January 23, it has come to light that it will not be able to give refunds to taxpayers linked to the ITC until February 15.

IRS Tax Calendar 2023: Main Points

  • All taxpayers should take note of the due dates for this year’s filing season.
  • The IRS Free File was launched on January 13. According to the IRS Tax Calendar 2023 Main Points, the tax filing season opened on January 23, after which tax returns were received and analyzed as well. 
  • The estimated tax payment for the fourth quarter of 2022 is due on January 17 under the IRS Tax Return Calendar. 
  • It has been learned that the deadline for individuals to request extensions on their 2022 returns has been fixed at October 16. 
  • There are a number of cases where direct deposit is chosen by taxpayers, and such taxpayers do not face any issues with their tax returns.

Estimated 2023 IRS Income Tax Return Chart

IRS Accepts an E filed Return by Direct Deposit sent
IRS started accepting returns on January 23, 2023
23 Jan 2023 3 Feb 
30 Jan 2023 10 Feb 
6 Feb 2023 17 Feb 
13 Feb 2023 24 Feb 
20 feb 2023 3 march
27 Feb 2023 10 march
6 March 2023 17 march
13 mar  24 march
20 march 31 March 
27 March  7 Apr

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FAQs Related IRS Tax tax Return Calendar

What is the official website of the IRS?

The official website of the IRS is

What is the last date for filing taxes?

The last date for filing taxes is April 18, 2023.

When is the deadline for filing federal tax returns?

The deadline for filing federal tax returns is October 17, 2023.

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