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Onam is one such festival that brings with it a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. Let us tell you that this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety in South India; however, we consider Onam a symbol of the new year. We also call it Kolavarsham. The festival of Onam is for 10 days; this year it ends on August 31, 2023. It is said that according to the story regarding the origin of this festival, this Onam festival is celebrated on the occasion of the return of King Mahabali, alias Mavli, to the kingdom.

Happy Onam 2023

The festival of Happy Onam 2023 only brings happiness. This festival is celebrated every year in Kerala. In the context of Happy ONAM 2023, let’s get information about its history, importance, origin date, and rituals in detail. Make it clear that this festival of Onam is celebrated for 12 days, but mainly for 10 days. This 10-day Onam festival started on August 20, 2023, and it will reach its final period on August 31, 2023. goes. 

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The last day of this festival is known as Thiruvonam. What does Drik Panchang say regarding Happy Onam 2023, that is, According to Drik Panchang, what is the date and auspicious time of worship for this festival, how is worship done on Onam festival, etc.? information you will get here today through this article, for which you have to read this article till the end. Along with this, you will also have to bookmark this article so that you can get every update regarding Happy ONAM 2023.

2023 Happy Onam Overview


Article Title  Happy ONAM 2023
Category  Festival 
Date 29 August 2023
Time At 2:43 am to 11:50 pm 
Year 2023
Total days for festival  10, or 12
Festival Name  ONAM 


Onam 2023 Story

As mentioned in our Puranas and scriptures, we inform you today about Onam 2023. It is said that the festival of Onam is celebrated to commemorate the return of the demon king Mahabali. Hegemony was established, and in such a situation, Devraj Indra was very sad because he had been snatched away from his heaven, although Mahabali was a person of very kind love and goodwill. 

When Lord Vishnu was requested by the gods for help, he took the form of Vamana and reached Mahabali. he urged Mahabali to take land in three. So Mahabali ordered him to give him three steps of land. In the first step, Lord Vaman measured the heavens and, in the second step, the earth, and in the third and last step, Mahabali put his head forward. 

Pleased with the generosity of Mahabali, God made him the king of Hades. Some such belief is prevalent regarding Happy Onam 2023 that Mahabali still comes to the earth every year in Shravana Nakshatra in the month of Sawan to take good news of worship. During this time, houses, temples, etc. are decorated in South India for 10 days, and worship is done.


Happy ONAM
Happy ONAM


10 Days of Onam 2023 


Onam 10 days name Date and Day
1st day, Atham 20  August 2023, 
2nd day, Chithira 21  August 2023, 
3rd day, Chodhi 22  August 2023, 
4th day, Vishakam 23  August 2023, 
5th day, Anijam 24  August 2023, 
6th day, threeketa 25  August 2023, 
7th day, Mulam 26 August 2023, 
8th day, Purdam 27 August 2023, 
9th day, Uthradam 28 August 2023, 
10th day, Thiruvonam 29 August 2023, 

Onam 2023 Date and Time


Thiruvonam Nakshatra Start date 29 August 2023 at 02:43 am 
Thiruvonam Nakshatra’s Start date 29 August 2023 at 11:50 pm 


Happy Onam 2023 Wishes

  • We cannot call Onam just a festival; it is a celebration and a symbol of our unity, culture, and tradition. May this and the coming Onam strengthen the bond of togetherness and love in your family.
  • May this festival of Onam always bring the melodious sound of laughter in the courtyard of your house, the delicious fragrance of the feast, and the priceless happiness of life. I wish you a very happy Onam.
  • On this auspicious occasion of Onam, I only pray to God that the smile never leaves your face. May laughter and happiness always remain on your face. Best wishes to you on Onam.
  • May this auspicious festival of Onam fill your home with happiness, fill your heart with love, and fill your life with prosperity. May this holi festival of Onam be extremely auspicious for you.
  • Everyone decorates their homes with Rangoli of flowers, enjoys delicious dishes, and welcomes King Mahabali with pomp. May this Onam be auspicious for all of you.

Happy Onam 2023 Wishes and Greetings in Hindi

  • May King Mahabali shower all his blessings on you, and this Onam, may the clouds of trouble befall you.
  • May this Onam, King Mahabali, remove negativity from your life and fill it with positivity. May such blessings be upon you on the festival of Onam.
  • Let’s make Onam a great festival, give a grand welcome to King Mahabali, clean the house on this festival, make good dishes, decorate the houses with flowers, and in this way celebrate the grand festival of Onam.

Significance and Importance Of Onam

This festival is mainly celebrated in Malayalam and Kerala, where people celebrate it with great pomp and enthusiasm. Preparations for this festival start 10 days in advance. According to the significance and importance of Onam, houses are cleaned during this festival, and beautiful rangoli is made by people inside the houses with flower petals. 

The idol of King Mahabali is also installed in their homes during this festival by the South Indians. Along with the decoration of flowers for 8 consecutive days, on the 9th day, an idol of Lord Vishnu is made and worshiped in every house. Dance and music are performed by the women. Under Happy Onam 2023, idols of Lord Ganesha and Shravan are made at night, and songs of Lord Vamana are sung by lighting lamps in front of the idols. 

These idols are immersed on the tenth day. The festival of Onam is also famous for its cuisine. Usually on this day, dishes like Khichdi-Pachdi, Olan Kaya Varuth, Chena Varuth, Sarkara Upper, Thiyal, Erisseri, Avial, Pulisseri, Buckwheat Curry, Sambhar, Rasam, etc. are prepared and served on banana leaves.

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FAQs Related to Happy Onam 2023

When is the festival of Onam?

The festival of Onam will be on August 29, 2023, from 2:43 a.m. to 11:50 p.m.

For how many days is the festival of Onam celebrated?

The festival of Onam is celebrated for a total of 12 days, but basically it is celebrated for 10 days.

What are some of the most popular activities for the festival of Onam?

Pookkalam, Vallamkali, Pulikali, Onamasadhya, Atchhamaya, Kathakali, and Thiruvathirakali are the most popular activities of the Onam festival.

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