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As you may already know EMS IPO GMP Today is going live. EMS IPO is coming for raising a fund of 321.24 Crore. This IPO consists of a Fresh issue of shares and an Offer for sale, which means that Maximum share will be available to buy which fund will go to the company and equity may get diluted Some share, Mainly held by early investors, Is available for direct buy and the money will not go to the company, neither does the share will be diluted. 


EMS Limited is a Visionary Company that works in the Wastewater management sector. It has a Good Track record. Soon, it is going to make its first Initial Public Offering to raise 321 crore. In this article, we will tell you everything about this upcoming IPO and the Structure of this company. All the important dates related to EMS IPO GMP Today are given in this article. 

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You may also want to know about the Grey Market Premium and Offer for Sale component of  EMS IPO GMP Today and we will surely tell you about it in this article. Try to understand the business model of the company before investing money in it. You might not know it but many sources claim that the Fresh Issue of shares is only for 146 crores and the rest part of the 321 crores is for Offer for sale. Read till the end.

EMS IPO GMP Today Overview


Article EMS IPO GMP Today
Organization SEBI
Sector Wastewater Management
Fund Raise 321 Crore
Fresh Share Listing 146 Crore
Offer for Sale 175 Crore
Share Price 211


EMS IPO Structure

Wealthy people often say that great money builds from investment in boring but value-for-money businesses. EMS IPO is a golden opportunity for people to make great profits. EMS Limited is raising 321 crore. EMS IPO Structure has two components. Fresh Issue of Share: It will raise 146 crore and in this case, share may get diluted and money will directly go to the company. Offer for Sale: Early investors are selling their shares through this option and shares will not be diluted and money will not go to the company.



EMS IPO GMP Important Dates


Event Date
IPO Subscription Opens 8th September 2023
IPO Subscription Closes 12th September 2023
Basis of Allotment Finalized 15th September 2023
Refunds Initiated 18th September 2023
Demat Credits Expected 20th September 2023
EMS IPO Listing Date 21st September 2023


EMS limited Business Model

This company mainly works in Water and Waste water management where EMS limited Business Model works like Collecting, Treating, and Supplying Water and Wastewater through different Methods. The company is also involved in electrical transmission and Civil Construction. This company has completed many government and Private Projects. It has a Good Track Record in Operation and Maintenance.

EMS IPO GMP Full Details

EMS IPO GMS Predicts the Potential of Share after public Listing based on several factors like market conditions, subscription levels, and general macroeconomic factors. It is completely informal Based on the Sentiments of Investors in the Grey Market. 

As of recent data:

  1. 5th September 2023: ₹112
  2. 4th September 2023: ₹112
  3. 3rd September 2023: ₹115
  4. 2nd September 2023: ₹115
  5. 1st September 2023: ₹103

EMS IPO Expert Analysis

EMS IPO Expert Analysis says that this share will boom right after the public listing. From 115 to 200+ will be an easy run for it and it will Make Profit For Sure. Grey Market Trends might change or fluctuate depending on the number of subscriptions and News. It might give up to 54 percent return in the first 6 Months. This is a Company that often gets government and private contracts. 

EMS IPO Purpose

Maximum Funds will directly go to Fill The Working Capital Gap. All other corporate expenditures will be secondary. It might also invest in Opening new Water Treatment Solutions Products to Target Larger Consumers. Marketing and business expansion in Foreign Countries will be Prioritized. Overall this IPO is very safe and One of the golden opportunities to make a long-term investment.

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