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Earthquake tremors were felt in the major part of Delhi- NCR region along with Jammu and Kashmir and on the other border part of Afghanistan and Pakistan. According to this news and estimation, the magnitude of the earthquake is Almost near to 5.8 on the Richter scale. Nowadays, earthquakes in Delhi have become common things. In this post we are going to tell you about the earthquake in Delhi, why earthquakes cause earthquakes and the upcoming sign of earthquakes. To know all about Earthquake Today Delhi stay with us in this post at last.

Earthquake Today Delhi

According to National centre for seismology in short NCS, the epicentre of the earthquake was in the hindu Kush region in Afghanistan and due to this 418 km northwest of Jammu and Kashmir’s Gulmarg district affected. The region of the bonded area is also affected by this. Along with this in recent time another earthquake in the Hindu Kush region in Afghanistan shook northern India, this includes Delhi and the adjoining areas of Delhi.

The Earthquake Today Delhi was On Saturday evening. However like in previous instances no damage was caused due to this earthquake. If we talk about the magnitude of Earthquake Today Delhi then, it was not very much high. The magnitude 5.8 was centred around June in the northern region of Afghanistan. The same place which had given rise to a 6.6 magnitude earthquake on 21 march as we already know.

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Title Earthquake Today Delhi
Year 2023
Category News
Magnitude 5.8
Region Northeast Afghanistan
About City Delhi

Earthquake In Delhi Today Time

As we have already said, the earthquake of magnitude 5.8 was Centred around Jurm in north eastern Afghanistan. At some places it was around five and at some places it was around 5.5. However this was not the most crucial earthquake in Delhi. Saturday’s earthquakes originated more than 200 km below the Earth surface and according to the United States geological survey in short USHS. You can also watch it on the official United States geological survey website. This was almost the same as the 21st March earthquake which had originated 187 km below the surface. So it was more below the surface.

Earthquake Today Delhi
Earthquake Today Delhi

Earthquake In Delhi 2023 Today

However it was not as deadly as the previous earthquake. In Delhi the normal person can be able to feel the earthquake and butter deep earthquakes also have a lower potential to cause damage because they disappear or substantial part of their energy by time and they emerge on the surface area. But by luck this was saved during the day. However due to The earthquake north eastern Afghanistan near the border with that Pakistan and Pakistan area earthquake prone and routinely experiences the quakes of magnitude above than six. The previous earthquake they already experienced this type of magnitude.

NCR Earthquake Today

They are sufficiently strong and felt over a very large distance along the north eastern region of Afghanistan and the border area of Kashmir. Because the tremors spread out deadly from the point of origin and it is not too distressing overall. As it travels a larger distance to reach the surface, the ideal spread also becomes very large and the jam area in Afghanistan is more than thousand kilometres from Delhi as a cross file so we can see the effect of the earth back on this reason. We have already experienced this type of earthquake and above this type of experience in the month of March and now what is this negative it was not much bigger but there can be dangerous thing.

Delhi Earthquake News

Just on Saturday this area experienced five tracks of magnitude four and above so the area is becoming dangerous day by day and for which it causes the danger. If the quakes originate deep below the Earth surface their tremors and also felt over northern India. Due to which it experiences the overall region of Delhi and the north eastern area of Pakistan and the Northeast area of Afghanistan. However this type of earthquake mostly affects the region of Kashmir and more than this it also feels on the capital of India that is Delhi.

Some effect of the Delhi earthquake today was also felt in the area of Pakistan Punjab and Haryana. So this is all about the earthquake today in Delhi. If you like this post then do share with others like your friends and family so that they can be able to know the cause of the earthquake and other things regarding the earthquakes.

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FAQs related to Earthquake Today Delhi

What was the magnitude of Earthquake Today Delhi?

The magnitude was 5.8 as per news.

What are the causes of Earthquake Today Delhi?

We have given the cause of the earthquake which was held.

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