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Debbi Fields is a very famous businesswoman in America who started her bakery named Mrs. Fields and gradually with hard work made it a brand worth billions of rupees. In which article you have been given all the information related to this woman like Debbi Fields’ Net Worth. This article has been written mainly for women’s empowerment, so please read this article till the end.

Debbi Fields Net Worth

Debbi Fields was born on September 18, 1956, in California, United States. This woman started her bakery business in the 1970s and with her hard work made Debbi Fields Net Worth more than 60 million dollars. There are many ups and downs in her personal life, like she got divorced from her first husband, Despite that her courage did not break and she worked hard in life. It is said that he was born in a middle-class family where he was the youngest child of his parents.

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According to Debbi Fields’ Net Worth, this bakery business earns a profit every year from Mrs. Fields after earning crores of rupees. It is said that she first started making cookies in her kitchen and used to experiment with her recipes at home so that she could make better cookies. She had to buy ingredients for her baking work and hence she also worked as a ball girl in the baseball team of her area. As she grew older, her baking skills also started becoming famous in her field. People liked the cookies made by him very much. His life story is very inspiring, so read this article till the end.

Debbi Fields Net Worth Overview


Article Debbi Fields Net Worth 
Date of Birth 18 September 1956
First Husband Michael Rose
Children 5
Age 65+
Net Worth 60 Million dollar
Residence Tennessee


Debbi Fields Family

Everyone in America is called Mrs. I love eating Fields brand cookies. The owner of this brand was born in a middle-class family. Debbi Fields’ family included her parents and five sisters. When she grew up and got married, her first husband’s name was Michael Rose and her second husband’s name was Randy Fields. Today she is more than 65 years old and has four children. The names of those four children are as follows: Jennifer Fields, McKenzie Fields, Jenessa Fields, Ashley Fields, and Jessica Fields. He completed his journey from a poor middle-class family to becoming a billionaire with great hard work.


Debbi Fields Net Worth
Debbi Fields Net Worth


Debbi Fields Education

According to the information, Debbi Fields’ initial education was completed in the area where she lived. After growing up, he attended Alameda High School for his studies. From this time onwards he had a lot of interest in baking. After finishing high school, he was admitted to Foothill College for his higher education. Like common people, he did basic studies. He was more interested in baking than using his studies to make a career. During her time, women never did business on their own, but she took a loan from the bank on her own and started her small bakery.

Debbi Fields Career

When Debbi Fields completed her college studies, she married her first husband but she did not want to be just a housewife. Unlike the women of her time, she took a loan on her own and opened a bakery shop and within a short time the shop started running very well, which marked the beginning of Debbi Fields’ career. Within no time this business started playing and their net worth kept increasing. She opened many new shops and also became the first President and CEO of her company. Along with cookies, they also started adding new products.

Debbi Fields Personal Life

As much success as this woman has achieved in her professional life, her personal life has not been as good. In her personal life, she had to spend her childhood in a middle-class poor family and even after growing up, she had to separate from her first husband. Debbi Fields’s professional life has been more inspiring than her personal life. The company she founded is now one of the largest retailers of cookies, brownies, and frozen yogurt in the USA.

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Debbi Fields Life Story

Debbi Fields’s Life Story is very inspiring in which you will see how a woman from an ordinary middle-class family started a bakery business on her own and turned it into a business worth billions of rupees. Not only is she a businesswoman but she is also a good mother and is also fond of writing, due to which she got books published in her career. Even today, you can order his book with the help of many websites in which he has also told about his recipes. According to the information, she also lives with her husband in Memphis, Tennessee.

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