Chester County Prison Escape Update – Latest News, Name

Chester County Prison Escape Update: A Murderer ran away from the Chester County Prison which is located in Pocopson Township on Thursday. According to the Local Police, They are searching for him Last time, He was Captured in CCTV camera footage of a property in Longwood Gardens on Monday night. Two local School district has announced that they will be off till the Murderer get Caught.

Chester County Prison Escape Update

Pennsylvania might be having a tough time because, in the last few days, a lot of incidents have happened. The breaking news is that a Murderer Has run away From the Prison in Pocopson Town, Pennsylvania. All the Local people are very nervous and Parents are anxious about the safety of their kids. Local Police are searching for the Murderer and Have issued a Red alert because the murderer might use innocent people as a host to escape the police.

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Chester County Prison Escaped

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Local schools like Unionville-Chadds Ford School District and the Kennett Consolidated School District have announced that they will be closed till the manhunt succeeds. People are advised to stay at home and lock their doors and windows for safety measures. Police have issued an image of the murderer and a toll-free number so that people can report if they saw the murderer.

Chester County Prison Escape Update Overview

Article Chester County Prison Escape Update
Prison Chester County
Town Pocopson
Country Pennsylvania
Inmate Name Danelo Cavalcante
Escape Day Monday, 4th September
Police Number 717-5622987

Chester County Prison Escaped Murderer Identification

You might already heard the news that Pocopson Town Is Circled by Local Police so that the murderer would not be able to escape the town. There is a chance that This Criminal might use any civilian as a host to escape the Police and hence you should know Chester County Prison Escaped Murderer Identification so that you can report to the Police if he tries to break into your House.

Chester County Prison Escape Update
Chester County Prison Escape Update


Chester County Prison News

There is a town named Pocopson in the country of Pennsylvania, in which a prisoner has escaped from the Chester County Jail, who is responsible for a crime like murder. Due to his escape, the citizens living there are very nervous and are worried about their safety. The schools there have been closed for that day so that all the children stay at home safely. Police are deployed 24 hours so that the prisoner can be caught as soon as possible. Follow our website to get updates related to Chester County Prison News from time to time.

Chester County Prison Inmate Name

As you may already know a murder prisoner has escaped from a small town jail in the country of Pennsylvania and now the police are looking for him for 24 hours. A picture of that murder has also been released on all the news channels and newspapers so that other people can recognize it as soon as they see it. An atmosphere of fear has been created. It is being told that the Chester County Prison Inmate’s Name is Cavalcante. Call This Phone Number If You Believe That Criminal Is In Your Nearby: 717-562-2987.

Chester County Prison Inmate Search

According to the information, the Chester County prison inmate search is still going on and people have been given the picture of that escaped prisoner and also said that the last time he was seen in a CCTV footage he was wearing a white T-shirt, Wearing a pant, wearing a white sneaker and also carrying a handbag. If you feel that someone is hiding around your house or you get a message from someone, then inform the police as soon as possible.

Danelo Cavalcante Update

Prison Escapee in Pennsylvania – Danelo Cavalcante Update not yet received. According to the calls of the people, the police have so far searched more than 100 places. Last time this prisoner was captured in CCTV footage which is installed in the private property garden. It is seen in that footage that the prisoner is also carrying a handbag with him. All people have been ordered to stay at home so that they can be safe and police have been increased in all hospitals, schools, and public places.

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FAQs on Chester County Prison Escape Update

What is the name of Prison Escapee?

Danelo Cavalcante.

When did he Escape?

Last Monday.

Where Crime did he Commit in the past?


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