Asia Cup Winner 2023, INDIA WIN AISA CUP 2023, Complete Winner List

We can compare the Asia Cup to one of the most popular cricket tournaments in Asia. Here we make it clear to you that the first Asia Cup was organized in the UAE in 1984, in which India won the match. You will get information about who will be the Asia Cup winner in 2023 in this article. Let us tell you that this time in Asia, teams like India and Sri Lanka have reached this stage in the final of the 2023 World Cup. In this article, we are sharing with you information about the list of Asia Cup winners from the year 1984 to the year 2023, along with the runner-up and host country. For which you will have to read this article till the end.  Till 17:19pm Hours on 17 Sep 2023 SL Scored 50 runs all out and India needs to win Asia Cup 2023 , India scored 51 run without loss any wickets, now at 18:08pm India has been win Asia Cup 2023, great India.

Asia Cup Winner 2023

It is noteworthy that the Asia Cup 2023 includes six countries: India-Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and so on. Out of all these teams, two, i.e., India and Sri Lanka, have been selected for the final match; that is, both these teams have reached the final of the Asia Cup 2023. Let us tell you that the first match was played in Pakistan between Nepal and Pakistan. In which Pakistan was victorious. 

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You will soon be given information about who will be the Asia Cup Winner 2023 because today, on September 17, 2023, the final and final match of the Asia Cup 2023 is going to be held between India and Sri Lanka. At present, for your information, we have shared information about the Asia Cup winning team, runner-up team, and host country through the list below.

India vs Sri Lanka in Asia Cup Final Overview 


Article Title  Asia Cup Winner 2023
Category  Winner list
Year 2023
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Date of Match  17 Sep 2023
Match name Asia Cup Final 2023
Competitive  India vs Srilanka 


About Asia Cup

We know India as the only country that has won seven Asia Cups so far. Along with this, India has also been in 10 finals out of the total 15 finals held so far. Talking about the Asia Cup, Sri Lanka is the second team after India, which has won it six times, and Pakistan. This Asia Cup has been captured only twice. 

You will be updated soon about who will be the Asia Cup winner in 2023. Let us tell you that India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh—these six countries—have won the Asia Cup today. Let us tell you that at the start It was a competition between only three countries.


Asia Cup Winner
Asia Cup Winner


Asia Cup Winners List From 1984 to 2022

Year  Winner Second winner Host Country
1984 Bharat Sri Lanka UAE
1986 Sri Lanka Pakistan Sri Lanka
1988 Bharat Sri Lanka Bangladesh
1991 Bharat Sri Lanka Bangladesh
1995 Bharat Sri Lanka UAE
1997 Sri Lanka Bharat Sri Lanka
2000 Pakistan Sri Lanka Bangladesh
2004 Sri Lanka Bharat Sri Lanka
2008 Sri Lanka Bharat Pakistan
2010 Bharat Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
2012 Pakistan Bangladesh Bangladesh
2014 Sri Lanka Pakistan Bangladesh
2016 Bharat Bangladesh  Bangladesh 
2018 Bharat Bangladesh  UAE
2022 Sri Lanka PAK  UAE
2023 Expected Bharat
Team  Bharat Sri Lanka Bangladesh  Pakistan  Nepal Afghanistan 
Winner  7 6 2
Sub winner 3 6 3 3
Winning year 1984 1988 1991 1995 2010 2016 2018 1986 1997 

2004 2008 

2014 2022

2000 2012


Asia Cup 2023 Points Table


Team Bharat Sri Lanka  Pakistan Bangladesh 
Match 3 3 3 3
Win 2 2 1 1
Loss 1 1 2 2
Tie 0 0 0 0
No result 0 0 0 0
Points 4 4 2 2
Net Run rate  +1.753 -0.141 -1.276 -0.463


Asia Cup 2023 Final 

Sri Lanka has made it to the Asia Cup 2023 final by defeating Pakistan by two wickets. This is how Sri Lanka got the title of the team that has reached the finals the most number of times. In this way, a special record was established in the name of Sri Lanka. It is noteworthy that in the Super Full match, Pakistan, choosing to bat first, scored 252 runs at the loss of seven wickets. 

In response to the desire of the Asia Cup Winner 2023, the Sri Lankan team The target was achieved by losing eight wickets. Let us clarify that the final match between Sri Lanka and India is being played today, i.e., on September 17, 2023. This match is going to take place on Sunday.

Asia Cup 2023 Winner

This final match of the Asia Cup 2023 is going to be held between India and Sri Lanka for the eighth time in this tournament. That is, before this, both teams had faced each other seven times in the finals. Asia Cup 2023 Winner This is not the first time that the teams of India and Sri Lanka have faced each other in the Asia Cup. 

Under Asia Cup Winner 2023, two finalists have been received in the form of India and Sri Lanka. This title match of the tournament was held on September 17, 2023, at R. Premadasa Stadium in Colombo.

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FAQs Related to the Asia Cup Winner 2023

Who can be the Asia Cup winner in 2023?

The winner of the Asia Cup in 2023 can be either India or Sri Lanka.

In which year did India win the Asia Cup?

India won the Asia Cup in the years 1984, 1988, 1991, 1995, 2010, 2016, and 2018.

Which country has won the Asia Cup the most number of times in Asia?

India has won the Asia Cup the most number of times in Asia, a total of seven times.

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