Aditya L1 Live Update – Aditya L1 Satellite Separation Achieved

The mission of Indian space research Organisation Aditya L1 launched atop the PSLV Polar satellite launch vehicle rocket from the Satish Dhawan space Centre in Sriharikota. The space mission by the Indian space research organisation was launched at 11:50 AM. Little more than one hour into launch the Aditya L-1 satellite separated from the launch vehicle. In this post we are going to tell you about the current tent life update of Aditya L1, what is the next mission of Aditya L1. To know all about Aditya L1 Live Update stay with us in this post at last.

Aditya L1 Live Update

Aditya L1 Mission will approach the Chandrayaan-3 mission because of the perfection of the scientist of Indian space research and organisation. It will first get into an Earth orbit and from there and it will go higher and faster until it eventually puts itself on a path to its hello orbit around the point named as first Lagrange Point and one of the sun and the Earth.

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Aditya L1 Live Update

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The LaGrange point is a convenient vantage point for the mission because this is the correct position to stay and stabilise the satellite. Because at that point it would mean that it can remain in the same position without using a lot of fuel. This is also why national aeronautics and space administration placed the James Webb space telescope at the second Lagrange point L2.

Aditya L1 Live Update Overview

Title Aditya L1 Live Update
Year 2023
Category Live Update
Launch Date 2 September
Day Saturday


Aditya L1 Mission

On the successful launch of PSLV rocket which includes Aditya L1 Mission Off the back. The Aditya l1 mission now has a total number of 120 days ahead of it. This mission will be one of the successful missions including Indian Aeronautics and space research. The spacecraft will first raise its orbit on the Earth multiple times till it is in the position to leave the Earth sphere of influence. The revolution around Earth multi times after that exit manoeuvre, it will cruise towards the L1 Lagrange Point till it reaches nearby and put itself in halo orbit around it.

Aditya L1 Live Update
Aditya L1 Live Update


Aditya L1 Objective

The spacecraft will first raise its orbit around the Earth multiple times and finally it will reach into the L1 point. According to the Indian space research Organisation, after the launch of the satellite separated from the PSLV rocket’s upper stage. And this stage was successful. There are various objectives to study the upper layer of the sun. The  Mission will carry seven payloads to orbit to observe the Photosphere, Chromosphere, and outermost layers of science atmosphere using electromagnetic, particle and magnetic field detectors.

Solar Mission Aditya L1 Update

But the main objective behind me is to study the sun because of the disturbance in the form of solar flares, and the coronal mass ejections for the solar wind is directed at the Earth from the sun. Can adversely impact space weather and studying the sun is one of the biggest achievements for ISRO. Aditya L1 Mission will take on my approach similar to Chandrayaan mission. And the space mission is already launched.

Aditya L1 Journey

Aditya L1 Journey will first get into one Earth orbit and from there it will go higher and faster until it eventually puts itself on the path to its final orbit around the L1. From the yesterday news of Chandrayaan-3 that while speaking after the launch of a L-1 mission, Indian space research and organisation chairman Somnath announced to the Chandrayaan-3 missions Pragya and rubber covered a distance of hundred metres on the moon. The Chandrayaan-3 already did his job very well.

Aditya L1 Satellite Separation Achieved

The current news here is that On 2 September 2023 12:55 PM the Aditya L-1 satellite separated from the upper stage of a PSLV rocket. The mission has been deemed a success by ISRO Chairman S Somnath. This is one of the greatest achievements and the live update is going on.

Satellite Injection To Follow

On 2 September 2023 12:52 PM, The satellite injection to follow all the conditions for the satellite to be injected into eccentric earthbound orbit have been achieved and the Aditya L1 spacecraft will soon enter the first of many Earth orbits before it heads towards the L1 point.

PS4 Second Burn Commences Aditya L1

PS4 second born commences, The range operation director has confirmed that the second one of PS for the state has already commenced. Aditya L1 Live Update is going on. You can see in the video that it is launched by PSLV on the launch of Aditya L-1 mission and will put it on the path of the first Lagrange point. So this is all about Aditya L1 Live Update. You like this post then do share with others.

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FAQs related to Aditya L1 Live Update

What is the objective of Aditya L1 Live Update?

The Objective of Aditya L-1 is to study the sun.

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